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Having a balloon rally, fire prevention program, parade, or just want to have something to display at your event?  We can bring the Smokey Bear balloons and/or Antique Fire Truck! Check out our Event Calendar to see if the equipment you want is not already being used on the days you want it.  But just because there isn't an entry listed doesn't mean someone else hasn't already requested those days and it just is not finalized yet.  Contact our Event Coordinator at the email address below to be sure.

Because The Friends of the Smokey Bear Balloon, Inc. is an all volunteer organization, most of us are not qualified to do a stand-alone fire prevention program. We have a 25-foot and/or 7-foot cold-air Smokey to assist you in your fire prevention program. On occasion, when you request Smokey for a local school, we can bring in a fire prevention specialist to talk to the children.

We charge per-diem and lodging for personnel, and mileage to get equipment to your event, both which will vary based upon location and travel distance.  The Hot-air balloon is subject to weather conditions, temperature, and humidity.  It usually sets up at sunrise and up for around 1 hour, longer, if weather cooperates and temperatures are lower.  The colder the better.

For an estimate of costs, please contact our event coordinator at:

Please complete this form and we will get back to you shortly!

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Antique Fire Truck is Limited to events within radius of 50 miles of Albuquerque, NM
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