Going to Greater Heights to Prevent Wildfires
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About Us

Friends of the Smokey Bear Balloon Inc., is a non-profit corporation dedicated to assisting federal, state, and local agencies to educate and convey messages to prevent human-caused wildfires through the use of the Smokey Bear balloons and the accompanying trailer and our antique fire truck which provides opportunities for special exhibits, presentations, and demonstrations to gather support for forest conservation.

In addition we stimulate active support from schools, businesses, industries, civic clubs, and groups of persons interested in protecting America's natural resources.

To Enliven and Enlighten

A special and new way to educate and excite the public about fire prevention, the Smokey Bear Balloons have enlivened and enlightened tens of thousands of older and younger generations in America, Canada, and the world, renewing interest in wildfire prevention practices. Equipped with a special trailer offering a full range of environmental, educational, and media opportunities to each sponsor, the Smokey Bear Balloons continue to thrill countless Americans with a new and exciting knowledge about wildfire prevention. With the support of public and private sponsors, the Friends of the Smokey Bear Balloon, "Friends", continue to "go to greater heights to prevent wildfires" in America.

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